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While heading back to my tent I came across this Moni Motorglider. The Moni Motorglider was designed in 1981 by prolific experimental aircraft designer John Monnett. With a 22 hp KFM 107 two cycle go-kart engine, the Moni could cruise at 120 mph. Target empty weight was 260 lb while gross weight was 500 lb. A wingspan of 27.5' and wing chord of 2.75' gave an aspect ratio of 10. In suitable thermals, one could turn off the engine and soar.

The wing design for the Moni called for bonding the aluminum skin to stamped aluminum ribs using epoxy glue and a minimum of rivets. Several in-flight wing failures abruptly ended popular enthusiasm for the Moni. Although wing safety modifications were subsequently incorporated, the former widespread enthusiasm for the Moni never returned. There are only a handful of Moni Motorgliders flying today. This Moni was completed in 1997 by Keith Doornbos of Bloomington, Illinois. Despite the Moni's somewhat tarnished history, it remains a remarkable design. A Moni will be displayed in the National Air & Space Museum annex when it opens this December.