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This colorful Glastar was completed in 1997. The Glastar design was somewhat of a departure for Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft company. Unlike Stoddard-Hamilton's previous designs, the Glastar was constructed of a steel tube fuselage covered in a fiberglass shell with an aluminum wing and tail group. Construction and performance details can be found on the New Glasair web site.

As for the once high-flying Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft company—squeezed by high production start-up costs for the Glastar, low margins, and a sluggish economy, the company closed its doors in May 2000 and filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. Approximately one year later, Thomas Wathen purchased Glasair and Glastar assets and formed New Glasair LLC and New Glastar LLC. Thomas Wathen is a long-time EAA member and owner of the storied Flabob airport in Riverside, California. New Glasair LLC and sister company New Glastar LLC are located Arlington, Washington.